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Case Studies

At Pipestone Projects, we understand that each challenge in the Canadian Energy, Mining, and Environmental Industry is unique. To ensure successful projects, we navigate these challenges, identify problems and develop defendable solutions so your company projects can move forward.

CO2 Pathways Project

Challenge: Obtaining a Defensible Project Approval Estimate 

The Pathways initiative is an alliance between Alberta’s six largest oil sands producers aimed reducing the total oil sands greenhouse gas emissions by 68 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents per year (MtCO2e/year) and get to net zero emissions by 2050. The Pathways project will transport CO2 from various CO2 capture facilities to the Hub disposal well sites. 


To support the development of the project and get into project execution stage, a number of reputable Canadian companies are being involved in order to support the Alliance with design, cost estimating and planning, and make this whole project feasible. 


Pipestone Projects has a stake working with its partners to provide a defensible estimate, which will trigger project approval. 

Coastal GasLink Pipeline Project

Challenge: Support and Approval for Cost Estimation for Client 

Approximately 670 kilometres, this pipeline will safely deliver natural gas across northern B.C. After Coastal GasLink delivers the natural gas from northeastern B.C. to the LNG Canada facility in Kitimat, B.C., LNG Canada will prepare it for export to global markets by converting the gas to a liquefied state. 


Pipestone Projects, being very conversant with the whole project route, has supported a major contractor in the preparation of the package bid during the tendering stage, which was eventually successful, and throughout the lengthy client-led cost optimization process which has resulted in the signed contract price. 

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Pacific Trail Pipeline Project

Challenge: Client Construction Management 

This is a proposed 471-kilometre liquified natural gas pipeline that would supply up to three billion cubic feet of LNG exports from Summit Lake to Kitimat. 


A First Nations-highly supported initiative, this project foresees a significant involvement of local contractors. 

Clearing was carried out a few years ago and one of the selected contractors reached out to Pipestone Projects to lead clearing operations in its capacity of construction management contractor. 

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